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Our Mission

Our dear friends, Welcome to Funky Brothers, the start of a true revolution that is Creating Empowerment and Freedom and having an Impact all while Paying homage to our Ancestors. 

Our mission is to strengthen black farms/farmers through storytelling, land ownership, creating a legacy and providing education & resources to create a sustainable future for black farmers.

Who We Are

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Our Why

It's Important that we pay homage to our ancestors and build generational wealth through farming, creating products and providing education & resources. Our Ancestors risked their lives and livelihood so we could be.

In 1910, black farmers owned 14 percent of the land, ownership dropped to only 1 percent of land after targeted lynching, racist violence, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s discriminatory policies.

Today, Black-owned farms are spread all across the US, but make up less than 2 percent of U.S. agricultural land. With these odds, the community and intention of farming to pay tribute to our ancestry and creating a living based on those principles is unsustainable.

This is why Funky Brothers is essential!

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