The Beginning of the Funky Brothers Revolution - Our Why

We created Funky Brothers as a tribute to the legacy of our late grandparents. They were African-American farmers who truly tried to build a legacy for our family out of their desire to create generational wealth and land ownership. We want to add on to their desires and build black owned farms, create sustainability and to make it natural to pass down for generations to come.

It's Important that we pay homage to our ancestors and build generational wealth through farming, creating products and providing education & resources. Our Ancestors risked their lives and livelihood so we could be.

Knowledge is Power, Black Farming History..

In 1910, black farmers owned 14 percent of the land, ownership dropped to only 1 percent of land after targeted lynching, racist violence, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s discriminatory policies. 

Today, Black-owned farms are spread all across the US, but make up less than 2 percent of U.S. agricultural land. With these odds, the community and intention of farming to pay tribute to our ancestry and creating a living based on those principles is unsustainable.

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It is important for us to build a strong community (black farmers, land owners, family, supporters, vendors, local organizations and businesses). It’s through these essential community connections that we build a successful and sustainable community. We use/emphasize the practice of implementing and using sustainable methods of raising food: good for people, animals, and the earth we live on while improving and protecting the environment for generations to come.

Funky Brothers has an interest in connecting and building black farmers, black farms and building generational wealth through education, resources and relationships to build and pay homage back to our roots: Our Ancestors. 

Let us stand by our quality and our care for our environment and our community.  The Funky Brothers revolution begins. 

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