Giving Back

Funky Brothers gives back by supporting black farmers and farms by providing resources such as education, funds to get seeds, equipment, purchase land and products, through leadership training, telling farmers stories, advocacy, and so much more.



 Help us continue our work:

  1. Contribute- Support our mission and help us provide resources to black farmers/farms, preserve black land ownership, create black farming legacy and to create a sustainable future for black farmers by making a contribution.
  2. Buy! Purchase our sustainably sourced merchandise and a potion of the proceeds will go to support black farmers and farms.
  3. Barter & share projects! Exchanging goods/services without any money changing hands. Farms are especially rich with opportunities to barter, since they often produce a lot of one or two things, but need many others.
  4. Share! Become an ambassador and help us grow the movement of sustainable farming in the black community.
  5. Partner! We are looking for partners for co-branding and collaboration opportunities.
  6. Volunteer! We LOVE Volunteers! We train all volunteers in the field, so no experience necessary. Just come with enthusiasm for getting your hands dirty, learning and helping! Sign up as an individual or group. As a Funky Brothers volunteer you will:
    • Engage in a variety of farm tasks including:
      • Planting
      • Weeding
      • Washing Veggies
      • Preparing and Clearing Beds
      • Assisting on farms with the care and harvesting of crops
      • Education Sessions
    • Learn about AgroForestry, the food system, and sustainable farming
    • Be a part of a healthy and just food system that ensures everyone has access to healthy, fresh food
    • Learn so you can help educate others

When you support Funky Brothers, you tell black family farmers & farms that they matter. As such, a portion of the proceeds from each purchase of Funky Brothers merchandise will benefit family farms and education.