Our Story

Funky Brothers is a grassroots, family-owned company. When we first started Funky Brothers we knew we wanted to  build a beautiful family farm, but we also wanted to grow and nurture a community of black farming entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. Our goal for this community is to encourage education, build businesses that matter, grow sustainable crops, and enable  generational wealth.

The vision of this movement began as we imagined walking in the footsteps of our own grandparents,  black farmers who nourished their families and community through sustainable farming practices and land ownership. But that vision grew and we knew the importance of  inspiring the next generation to build a legacy through farming, social impact and responsible growing. And more than encouraging black farmers to reach back to their roots and create a lifestyle and living through farming, we have to advocate. We must raise awareness about the disparities of black farmers and farms through educating, increasing resources and building a community around this movement.
We are building Funky Brothers for the community. We are guided and empowered by people like us to continue our efforts supporting black farmers and farms through education, various farmers' stories, resources, land attainment, products and training.
Here at Funky Brothers, you get to participate in a mission that's focused on creating an impactful legacy and social impact by hearing out our farmers' stories and supporting them with every purchase that you make.

Our Vision

Our vision is to preserve black farming by creating an environment that focuses on farming, retail, education and community while creating a social impact.

 Let us stand by our quality and our care for our environment and our community.